ASD? What is really going on. ASD is an oft-used term in the seduction community This is an acronym for Anti-Slut Defense. The idea behind this is that a woman will resist anything that makes her feel easy.

This is a common misunderstanding of women.

I happen to know many women who don't mind being sluts. Many who get off on being slutty.

A more helpful way of thinking about this concept is that a woman does not want to seem easy in people's eyes. If actually being easy fulfills her desires and no one who's opinion she values is the wiser she can usually live with her sutty self no problem.

ASD should really be called Anti-Desperate Defense. A woman just does not want to seem desperate to people, especially you and especially her friends. ie: throw herself at a man.

So how do you get her to unleash her inner-slut and let her feel free to be sexual with you?

You reveal your sexual interest first in a direct way (once you have created a personal vibe). "I think that the way you describe your poetry is sexy. You better stop that cause you're turning me on." (check out my ebook on more about these type of statements)

That sort of statement allows her to be flirty and sexual because she is not pursuing you in some desperate fashion but only reciprocating.

Now the interesting thing is that she may act sexual with you in a secluded corner of a seedy bar but as soon as she gets in front of her friends she can pull back into a guarded, platonic state.

That is because she knows her friends haven't heard you verbalize your attraction first. If she was to get all up on you, her friends would be presuming she is acting desperate. But the real interesting thing is that if you then verbalize your sexual interest in front of her friends it can sometimes unlock her and alow her to flirt openly in front of them because now she knows they know she is only reciprocating. Funny how that works.