16 Essential Skills for the Charisma Artist

1. You make more statements than ask questions. You don't push conversation through questions. You understand the importance of being continually additive to the conversation. 2. Ego traps got nothing on you. You know how to resist and overcome the typical ego-trap questions such as when someone asks you, "What do you do for a living." after a minute of conversation. You're not lulled into thinking people really care about you yet and you know what sort of thing to say in response to make the conversation more productive and solid.

3. You enjoy disqualification and can use it to lower the stakes of the conversation and make people laugh.

4. You can call someone out, in a firm, yet nice way, for making unoriginal or unfocused conversational statements. You then inspire them to think harder.

5. You are able to maintain steady eye-contact with people - even people with more power than you.

6. You capture the imagination of others by speaking in action verbs. You're careful about about using weak verbs and seek to minimize their usage.

7. Spin words such as adjectives and adverbs find their way only sparingly into your conversation.

8. You know how to make the conversation personal by using the 'You' and 'I' words.

9. You understand the importance of periodically framing your conversations towards a more focused and personal direction.

10. People smile and laugh at your jokes.

11. You know how to suggest courses of action while placing the most conversational risk on yourself and not the other person.

12. The word 'need' has been replaced in your vocabulary with the word 'want'. Same thing with the word 'can' being replaced with the word 'will'.

13. You know how to create desire in people.

14. You understand how to deal with confrontation using Charisma Arts methodology. 15. You can articulate the things (and people) you desire in ways that are memorable to gatekeepers. 16. You are bold and original.

You can learn all of these things by reading the content here and on the forum, and also by attending the Conversation Camp.