Video: Ask a Juggler. To confess love or not?


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By Wayne Elise

People have been asking my opinion on telling their friend they've developed romantic feelings. I generally approach these situations like Sherlock Holmes. I ask lots of questions. Every case is different and I'm hesitant to share blanket advice.

However I usually advocate proceeding with caution in throwing words such as LOVE around. Words like that are nuclear weapons. I've made the mistake myself and scared some cool girls away. It's easy to become confused in the fog of attraction. Real love takes time to develop and usually happens in a reciprocal fashion when the moment's right for it to bloom.

What we're often dealing with is infatuation. That's a self-induced hypnotic state that has little to do with the real person we're targeting with our feelings. It's usually better to chill out and pursue something more sexual first.

But as always, every situation is different and we should seek to understand the actual person we're dealing with, not just the effigy we've constructed in our head.

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All the best, Wayne