Dan and Ben's New York Bootcamp Adventure

This past weekend I was in Chicago teaching the Conversation Camp while Dan and Ben flew to New York and taught the Charm School Bootcamp. I’m always a worry wart when it comes to the classes we teach. I want everything to go well. I had to keep myself from texting the guys out there every few minutes and trust them to do their job. On Sunday night I was happy to hear from two out of three clients. I got an email from one:

Wayne, I wanted to let you know that I had a really great experience at your NYC bootcamp with instructors Dan and Ben.  Dan and Ben are both charmers and great instructors, but more importantly great guys with a ton of integrity and class.  Feel free to reword the testimonial below as you like!  [note that we've made no changes]

-XXXX (NYC 1/14-1/15)


To Wayne, Ben, and Dan, thanks for taking the time to put together the Charisma Arts curriculum and making an impact in my life!

To any potential attendees, I feel my Charisma Arts Boot Camp in NYC was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my dating life, my social life, and my professional life.  I’m really thankful to have participated!

At first you will get the chance to observe your instructors in action – and not just in typical approaches with cute females, but instead charming everyone – doormen, clerks, waitresses, patrons, etc.  Your instructors will show you why and how to be naturally charming to everyone, which in the long-run is more important and useful than spewing some routines at some girl at a bar.

For example, Dan casually waved at an attractive girl as they passed each other in line at the museum.  Dan was just not gaming her, just being his charismatic and friendly self.  An hour later, the girl came up to Dan and asked how they knew each other and a conversation followed – a memorable learning opportunity for us.

After observing Dan, we got the chance to make some approaches on our own, which was scary at first, I’ll admit it, but Dan and Ben were there to guide and encourage.  After a few approaches, I found myself having a lot of fun.

It may be unrealistic to expect your social lives to completely change in one weekend, but I can truthfully say that your live will begin to change for the better after one weekend.  You’ll see your instructors in action and understand what is possible.  A boot camp is the first step in the journey.  The rest of the journey is up to you, but amazing things are definitely possible.

Thanks again, guys, for a fun and transformative weekend!

That was nice to hear. I exchanged SMS messages with another.

‘How was the weekend,’ I asked.

He wrote back: ‘Enlightening to say the least.  Dan & Ben ROCK the CA method from start to finish, or anything else for that matter – very cool guys.  While I learned so much, building groups will be one of my biggest take aways.  Hope all is well!’

Nice job Dan and Ben.

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