How to be a good student at a Conversation Camp

A good student at a Conversation Camp is someone who isn’t afraid to be challenged.

We all have areas of our lives that we might be dissatisfied with: whether it’s never closing a date with an attractive woman or a sale that could be career changing. Yet being dissatisfied with an aspect of your life, whether it is in dating, socializing or business, doesn’t mean that you’re bad at it.

Students of our Conversation Camps are just driven to be better.

You want to be an expert conversationalist and never miss an opportunity again to get that business deal or date again.

If you are unhappy with achieving anything less than your full potential, then a Charisma Arts Conversation Camp is where you need to be to hone your skills.

The skills taught at a conversation camp are applicable to all sorts of social situations including Dating, Business, Sales and Social Skills .

The camp offers you expert training and new theories for personal advancement from our Head Honcho, ‘Self-help’ Guru, and all round Conversation Master Wayne ‘Juggler’ Elise. Famed as a contributing author and character in the best-seller ‘The Game’, Wayne is a slightly reformed Master Pick Up Artist whose teachings have influenced a generation of men to be charismatic, conversational mavericks.

Since then he has broadened his unique, and entertaining, style of teaching to include political and business coaching,  and writing articles  for ‘Psychology Today’ and ‘Esquire’.

During a camp Wayne not only teaches you the practical application of his ideas, but also responds to your individual concerns about where you need to improve most. Every Conversation camp is different and tailored to the needs of the elite group that is being taught.

We want you to participate.

To get the most out of your experience, and to excel as a Charisma Arts client, you are encouraged to participate in role-playing, conversational games and enactments of challenging real life scenarios. Luckily this learning curve occurs in the comfort, and controlled learning environment, of an up-market hotel conference room.

“It is quite amazing that he can just talk in a way that captures your imagination and draws you into wanting to participate in the conversation”- Jack the Stripper Alumni.

Our camps are designed to fit our clients’ needs, and structured to optimize your time with Wayne or our instructors.

After two days a good student will be armed with practical guidance (and usually a hefty amount of notes) on how to conquer the dating, sales, business or social skills challenges you may face.

But we don’t want you just to be a good student.

A great student will not only have all the practice and notes they need to succeed, but they will turn their experience at a Conversation Camp into personal success.

By signing up to a Conversation Camp you’ve already proven that you’re the kind of person that is driven towards achieving your goals; all we do is give you the tools to achieve them.

“I left happy, I knew I had finally opened the next door in this journey”- Pleiades Alumni