How to meet one of those cool girls with a Mac laptop

It is my presumption that people who use Macs as opposed to PCs are more interesting. I'm biased for sure, but when I see a girl with a sexy PowerBook on her lap I know she's my type of woman. So in this scenario I'm presuming you feel the same way. Pay attention to her nonverbal feedback during your statements which can make you pursue the topic further or go in a different direction. There she is. Red hair and running shoes. She is sitting at the coffee shop behind a 17 inch aluminum Apple piece of modern art. She taps at the keys with two fingers, periodically wrinkling her forehead and frowning.

You walk past her but stop at the last instant.

You: "Hey nice computer. I couldn't help noticing that you have a Mac. I'm curious what you think."

Her: "Oh, I like it. Much better than my old computer."

You: "Yeah, no kidding. Mac's rule. They just work. No fuss, no muss. I have to confess though, and I don't know if you feel this way, but I feel a little superior to all those people with other types of computers. Like that guy over there. Poor guy has some sort of Dell."

Her: "Ha ha, yeah I kind of feel that way."

You: "Good I like that about you. Well, I should let you get back to your work. I imagine that it's pretty important and all..."

She shakes her head. Her: "It's okay, I'm not really being that productive."

You: "Well, in that case, I might as well complete the distraction. So what're you working on, if I may be so nosey as to ask?"

Her: "Oh, I have this report for work. It's about inventory control and what we should do to make it better."

You: "Fascinating."

Her: "Really?"

You: "No, not really. Okay, maybe. Depends on what the inventory is I suppose. If its lollipops it could be interesting. How many ten year olds does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop? Okay, I see I've lost you there. Let's just move on. So what are you inventory controlling?"

Her: "We sell fabric. I've got lots of fabric. Different colors and patterns. We have to keep track of all that and right now we do that with tags and sometimes they fall off."

You: "I see. So I'm guessing you went to art school and you have a design background."

She nods.

You: (continuing) "I like that. I have often been told I was artistic. Oh no wait, they said I was autistic. My bad."

She laughs.

You: "I like your laugh. What's your name?"

Her: "Sharon, but my friends call me T-bone."

You: "Nice to meet you Sharon. I like the nickname. I need a nickname. You're T-bone. I'll be big bone."

She gives a funny look.

You: "Oh, I didn't mean it like that. But yeah, I do have a bone for Mac girls."

Her: "Ha, so what are you doing tonight?"

You: "That my new-found, sexy-friend, T-bone incorporated, is a good question. I'm going to sit down next to you before I answer that, if that is quite all right with you."

Her: "Sure."

You: "So, I'm contemplating my place in the universe."

Her: "That's a big question."

You: "You sound as if you have given it some thought yourself."

Her: "I have. I think that a person can never truly know because only a god could contemplate the whole of the universe. We as people with small brains can never figure it all out. So I have stopped trying to figure it out and just try to feel my way."

You: "I like that. Makes sense on a lot of levels. I don't know what your relationship situation is but I'd like to get your number and have sushi with you tomorrow...."

She smiles.

You: (emboldened) "I know how to pour some mean saki. You see it's all in the wrist. You can't pour your own. That's bad luck."

Her: "You know, let's do that. I think it would be fun."

You: "I think so but if not then you can tell your friends I was a toothless loser who sucked his miso soup through his nose. Okay, if I can see your cell phone I'll just input my number under my new nickname, Big Bone."

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Until next time, keep the faith all you CA social Kung Fu men of glory.