How to open an attractive stranger in the Xmas gift return line.

You: Excuse me, I can't help but notice that you are unsatisfied with your fruitcake-pattern hoodie. I have to say that I'm surprised but happy for you. Her: "Ha, hah ha."

You: "I'll trade you my Lance Armstrong tire repair kit. Or better yet, I got some Grandma cookies here somewhere."

Her: "Oh, I had too many of those lately."

You: "Yeah, I can relate. I like that about you. You and I are the same. Who would have known. So I'm thinking of a New Year's resolution. What's yours going to be?"

Her: "To finish law school."

You: "Oh that's a good one. I can hire you to sue grandma for the bad cookies. Seriously though, that's cool. I think I would like being a lawyer. I'd feel kinda powerful. Like yeah, give me a speeding ticket, see what happens."

Her: "Haha, yeah it is good to know law for practical reasons. For instance, my professor says..."

You: "Hey, I like you. What are you doing after this?"

Her: "I'm meeting a friend for lunch."

You: "Oh too bad, I thought it might be fun to sit down at the Starbucks over there and chat a bit more for five minutes. I like talking with you."

Her: "Are you hitting on me?"

You: "Maybe I am and maybe I'm not. It all depends on if you like it or not. And judging by your smile now I would say, yes I AM hitting on you. Sure that's the ticket."

Her: "Well, just to warn you I have a black belt in flirting defense. But yeah, let's sit down for five minutes."

You: "Excellent. What's your name by the way?"

Her: "My name is Persimonia"

You: "Nice name. I'm impressed. My name is your name here. In the language of the old country it means, he who drinks hot chocolate through a straw."