How to take photos for your online dating profile - action photo

People like to see you do something. Their brains can more easily imagine action rather than static pictures. I threw in some juggling but you don't have to demonstrate a talent or skill. You could jump off your steps or climbing into your car through the window - whatever. The point is movement brings out more aspect of your personality and is visually interesting.

The colors here are purposeful. I've got the orange color in the oranges I'm juggling and the red in the door. I'm also picking up some orange reflections in my sunglasses which is cool. My hands and and the oranges are blurring to give the photo an action feel which is nice.

I like the door and frame giving the photo some structure but not introducing more colors or distraction. If you use an expensive camera and want the same effect make sure to set your ISO speed slow enough to capture the blur.

One critique I have is that I would rather have been smiling in this picture to compensate for my lack of rapport I create by wearing sunglasses. Photography, like conversation is often about balancing trade-offs.

The photo is also intense since my body is close to the camera and leaning in. I would caution against having too many photos with this type of intensity lest you overwhelm your viewer.

Overall though, I like the composition here and I think this lets people know I'm open with my wacky side and can be fun.

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