How to take photos for your online dating profile - friends photo

Here is where you get your social proof. Composition and color are thrown out the window on this one. The shot was taken in a French cafe with low lighting some weeks ago. It was not shot for any purpose other than as a memento of the occasion of sharing wine and stories.

But I feel the shot makes up for it's technical short-comings with an abundance of warmth which radiates from Johnny and Sharon. These are the sort of friends that people checking out your profile want to share.

There's little need to be in the photos with your friends. Too many people think that they are going to be seen as more social when they have pictures of themselves with lots of other people. In reality those photos crowd out your viewer. Here the viewer can imagine themselves interacting with Johnny and Sharon.

For your own friend's photo try to find one where your friends are interacting with the camera as if the camera was a person. Photos of couples and mixed gender groups are good as they tend to feel more relaxed and inclusive.

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