How to take photos for your online dating profile - passion photo

My passion lately is drinking coffee and it just so happens that this activity can be shared with another person. This photo invites the viewer to join me.

Think about your passion. This photo could easily be you standing in front of an old movie theater or holding your guitar or stepping out of the gym. Think about ways in which you can subtly include space in the photo for the viewer to join you.

Red from the door frame behind me is the predominate color which is also echoed in my skin tone and lips. Red is almost always a good color for you to use in your photos.

I shot this by propping my iPhone up against a napkin holder on the next table and activating my timer app that shoots continuous photos.

The elements are few and simple to understand: street, trees, table, chairs, coffee cup and me - nothing too difficult to figure out visually.

Professional fashion photographers have assistants and stylists devoted to taming and harmonizing the elements of their photos. We don't have that. Think simple with your photos.

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