How to take photos for your online dating profile - Primary Photo

This is the first photo that people will see. Find a wall and frame your face and shoulders. This one I snapped against the wall of a nearby Mexican restaurant where I usually see their customers throwing up. Ha, just kidding.

The stucco wall is actually a bit down-market. If you want to rich things up look for a brick wall. Red-brick especially looks nice.

The research on this is conflicting and inconclusive but I feel you should smile in your photos. This is tough for me since my smile comes out crooked and my teeth aren't straight. My smile has been known to make babies cry and old men lose their bowels. But I smile anyway - so should you. A smile shows you're glad to meet the viewer. It welcomes them into your life.

Make eye-contact with the camera. Think of this photo as your introduction to a new person. In western culture we expect eye-contact when meeting someone new and don't trust people who avoid it.

Tweaks: Because I have pale skin and tend to look washed-out I brought up the contrast and lowered the brightness slightly.

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