In life there are moments when you have to 'go all in' and risk everything.

When I'm sitting with a hot girl I feel grateful to be in her presence. I look at her and think to myself, "Man, this girl is out-of-my-league." Those thoughts can make me act safe. Blah! There's a simple, universal formula we should all memorize and apply to our conversations. Safe = boring. Boring =  no hook up. And that equates to a 'life of quiet desperation'.

I realize all of this. So I take that safe part of me, hit him on the head with a lead pipe and stuff his limp body into a closet.

Bring on 'All-In-Wayne!!! All-In-Wayne is mad, bad and dangerous to know. He gets invited to parties. And he's a guy who puts what he has on the line in order to try to create what he wants.

Me: "I like this."

Her: "Like what?"

Me: "This. This being together here at this moment. I don't do this all the time and this may be a crazy idea, but I'd like to sit down at that coffee shop right there and get to know each other better for fifteen minutes. I can try my other two jokes on you."

Ten minutes later...

Me: "I want to see you again."

Her: "I'm around here all the time.".

Me: "I mean like the two of us. Alone, maybe at Malo with wine glasses in our hands."

Her: "Oh."

Me: "...and if there's a spark, if you feel it, there might be some making out. I'll bring my chapstick in case."

I'm going all in. She has to push her chips into the middle with me. Go big or go home - that's the way gentlemen.

Her: "I see. Let me think about it."

Mer: "Take your time."

Her: "Okay, sure."

A few days later...

Me: "I'm having fun. I want to go for ice cream. Oh wait, I know what I want to do now that would be much better."

Her: "Really? What?"

Me: "Do you really want to know? Maybe I shouldn't tell you."

Her: "Tell me."

Me: "Truthfully, what I want to do at this moment, feeling the vibe between us, I want to take you back to my place and spend the night making love to you."

Her: "Wow, that's direct..."

Me: "I want to push you against the wall and move my hips into yours, bite your neck, suck on your tongue. That's where we would start."

Her: "I don't know if I'm the kind of person who does that on a first date."

Me: "I understand. I don't know if I am either but I'd like to spend the whole night making your body feel good. Safe sex of course. :) That's just how I feel."

Her: "Okay."

Me: "Okay, what?"

Her: "Okay, let's go."

The next day...

Me: "I would like to go with you out and pick up another girl together."

Her: "For a threesome?"

Me: "Yeah, it's the new black. Everyone is doing it. I think it would be hot."

Her: "I've never done that before."

Me: "I'll show you the ropes kid."

Her: "Okay, sure. It sounds fun."

In life, with people. you have to be prepared to risk what you have to gain more. Just how it is.

All the best, Wayne