Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know

Mad, bad and dangerous to know. That's what they said about Byron the poet. He was a hell-raiser who seduced innocent, young women, made enemies, fought duels, slept with his cousin - that sort of thing. I think we need more of that type of behavior around here. An informal poll of women I know reveals a taste for men who are mad, bad and dangerous to know.

"They're sexy," says Kelly.

"I like a man who lives by his own rules," says Kim.

"I think it's hot when a man wears eyeliner," says Shannon, " Is that what you're talking about?" Sometimes it is, Shannon, sometimes it is.

My friend Mike personifies the modern Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know Man. (not to be confused with our instructor Mike who works at Charisma Arts, and who's also pretty MBD)

Mike is someone I got to know because one day we realized we rode the same model Vespa - instant connection.

Let's take a look at his qualities.

MAD: Sometimes Mike trims his hair baby-short and wears a dog collar. This makes him look scary. He and his girlfriend are taking part in a clinical trial in which they don't brush their teeth for three weeks. Today he quietly handed me a note that said he was not speaking today - for fun. That's just the sort of antisocial behavior that gives him the reputation of being mad. Completely mad. And mad can be sexy.

BAD: Mike breaks rules. His girlfriend is 26 years younger. He attached the license plate to his Vespa with velcro to avoid parking tickets. He doesn't mind telling someone to f*ck off. He once had sex with a girl on her boss's desk, who was a raging feminist, just for the irony of the act.

DANGEROUS TO KNOW: Mike likes adventure and might just drag your ass into one. Goth night at the nightclub? We're going. Talking to the intimidating hot girl? No worries. Comfort zone? Let's bust it. When you least expect it, Mike swears to emphasize his point. He likes pushing your buttons. He has the aura that he might just do something you don't expect at any moment.

Mike's also unafraid to tell you what he thinks. He lives by the motto: Those who mind, don't matter and those who matter, don't mind. It's exhilarating having a friend who doesn't play life safe.

The flip side of being Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know is that Mike is a great friend. He introduced me to a hot, model friend of his (and I teach how to get girls). Most guys would have hit on her themselves. But not Mike. There's always more where she came from for him. He lives a life of abundance. People are drawn to his strength instinctively. They know that only the strong can be generous. He is the opposite of most people who are sniveling bags of selfishness. Mike can be KIND because he is so MAD, BAD and DANGEROUS TO KNOW. And that my friends is... SEXY.

If you want to learn how to be more Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know, take one of my events or sign up for phone coaching with me.

All the best, Wayne