Metaphors for success: Top Ten tips for riding a bike in Manhattan

I moved to New York City this year and I hate riding the subway. So instead I've been pedaling my bicycle along the busy streets of Manhattan. At first I rode cautiously. But then I began following the more experienced and daring riders, studying their technique. And now I feel comfortable racing taxis through Broadway avenue traffic using the things I've learned from others and new ideas I've worked out for myself.

But in a larger sense I think my ideas on how to get around this town on two wheels just might be applicable to you, off a bike and in pursuit of your business or personal success. Let's see. As always, I'd love to read your comments.

Top Ten Tips for riding a bicycle in Manhattan:

10. Its seductive over there in the far right lane. Seems clear and safe. But you'll get trapped behind cars making right turns. Don't go over there.

9. Aim your bike behind pedestrians walking across your path. If they spot you coming they might panic and run forward but they'll never run backwards.

8. Buses deserve your respect. Enough said.

7. Road construction and other obstacles are your friends. They create chaos for cars and all types of interesting gaps you can swing into and use to jump ahead of the line.

6. Vengeance is useless and possibly fatal. Ride chill.

5. Strong legs and acceleration can get you out of a lot of trouble.

4. You're safer riding between cars than out in the open.

3. Stop beyond the crosswalk, not before it, lest you get trapped behind the line of pedestrian ants. See our photo above for the proper position.

2. For practical purposes red lights apply to cars not bicyclists. We bicyclists only have to obey our judgment. Having said that, if you get into an accident, the police will always ticket you - after they finish scraping you off the road.

And the number one tip is...

1. Follow the bicycle-messengers and try to keep up. You will learn a lot by watching how the pros ride.

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