Sexy people are brave

Jack and I worked together at the sort of job you hire into when you're twenty years old - renting out billiard balls in a pool hall. Jack was the first and only guy I knew who actually dated twins. This spun my imagination. He was also one of the nicest and most inclusive people I knew. He invited me to hang out with him and his girls.

"Come to this party tomorrow," he said.

"What should I bring?" I said.


I liked Jack a lot. But honestly, I wanted to steal one of his girls if the opportunity arose. I mean - he had a spare. And let's face it, no guy deserves to be dating twins. The whole idea burned me with jealousy.

"Can you hang out with Jenny for like an hour?" Jack asked me when we got to the party. "Keep her company? Her sister and I have to go take care of something."


Jenny and I threw playing cards at each other. We danced. We laughed at each other's jokes. She touched my arm. I led her downstairs. I pushed her into a dark corner. I held her wrists above her head. I leaned in close.

She turned her head away. "I cant," she said. "You know I'm loyal to my boyfriend."

"Well your sister and Jack are probably doing stuff right now."

"Yeah. Isn't it awesome? I should go catch up with them." She ducked my arms, found her drink and walked upstairs.

I'm sure she told Jack what happened. But a couple weeks later he invited me to another party.

At that party a couple of crashers were acting obnoxious. Word got around that they were going to be kicked out. A crowd gathered around them on the lawn in the backyard.

"Who wants us to leave?" the larger of the two crashers said. "We want to kick his ass." The two of them laughed.

"The guy who lives here." someone called out.

The crasher sneered. "I don't think no one lives here. Where is he?"

"You mean 'anyone'," someone in the crowd said under his breath.

"Shut the fuck up." said the crasher. "We might have to cut up the asshole who lives here. We're in a gang."

The crowd oohed. The irony was not lost on the crashers. The smaller one, took out his butterfly knife and made a show of spinning it around. That worked - there was a smattering of applause.

"This is exciting," the guy standing next to me said. "I've always wanted to see someone get stabbed."

"Where is the guy who lives here?" I asked.

"He's barricaded in his bedroom.

That's when Jack walked out of the house and stepped in front of the crashers.

"This is my place," he said.

It was definitely not Jack's place.

The fat crasher sneered. "That girl over there was into my friend. That's why you want us to leave? Can't handle competition?"

Jack turned to the girl. She looked about seventeen - red hair and freckles.

"You like him?" Jack asked.

The girl turned red and shook her head.

Jack turned back to the crashers. "She doesn't want you here. I don't want you here." He looked around. "Does anyone want them here?"

The only sound to be heard was the zapping of a moth being electrocuted by the bug light.

"Fine," The bigger crasher said. "Fuck you and your party. You got a bunch of ugly girls here noway."

They walked away.

I decided Jack was the kind of guy who deserved to be dating twins.

Walking back to my car later, I spotted the red head girl and the smaller crasher - the one with the knife, together in a parked car making out. Go figure.

Advice based on this principle:

  • You don't have to step in front of a knife to be sexy. There are many courageous choices  you can make everyday. Support the person being critiqued by everyone else. Be the one who stands up to the domineering jerk in accounting.
  • Make consistent eye-contact and talk up to people instead of looking away and humbling.
  • Join the Charismos - those people who have chosen to adopt the Charisma Arts lifestyle. (See the logo at the top of this page)

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