Showing Your Value

You want to be valued. We all want to be valued. To be valued feels good and we can do stuff with that perception of value. We can exchange it for money, love, sex, power. In Charisma Arts methodology we talk about the importance of commitment for generating value: People who interact with you judge your value based on how much effort THEY have put into the interaction with you. The real leader of the group is not necessarily the one that everyone listens to. It is the one that everyone talks to. Ultimate power lies with the audience and not the performer.

That's a hard concept initially for most of our clients to grasp. But an important one. When you're telling a story your intent matters. Have no interest in proving yourself. Confident people don't do that. They may say interesting things, they may entertain you, but in the end their intent is to create the proper conditions where you invest in the interaction with them. Their rap could sound close to the guy's rap who's trying to prove himself. But observe closely, it all goes down a slightly different slot. Watch the reactions of the people conversing with him. Do they end up talking to him or are they simply his audience? Anyone can laughs and applause. It takes a master to get people to put on their own show.