Some thoughts on being Seductive

Hello from Barcelona. When traveling abroad I often have limited time. I'm always running to catch a train or a flight, or working with clients, or practicing my art. I tend to fire off quick thoughts in my journal. I would like to share a few with you. * Since you learn things about people when you make statements you should watch their expressions closely. Are they into what you are saying or drawing away from you? These things let us know where the other person is at. We can learn how they feel and where their heart is at.

* Conversation is an art. It is creation. As such you must learn to speak creatively. Find the typical path and avoid it. Tape off that sucker with caution tape. I want you to have conversation that no two people on this Earth could be having at this moment (cred. Johnny). There are many people who may do similar things to you. At this moment people are working and driving and loving. But what makes you special is your unique take and expression. You must let that out. It is your music. Do that well and you will capture the imagination of those you meet.

* I have seduced women. I have been lucky that way. But everyone of these women I have fallen a little bit in love with before I was able to seduce them. I believe to create friends and lovers you must fall in love with each one a little bit. That is both the beauty and pain of my life and the art that I'm teaching you. To be loved you must love. Open your heart and say to yourself, "What is special about this person?" Trust and you will be trusted.

* Often we are looking for surety. But life is not supposed to be like that. You are built to discover and appreciate the unexpected.

* Often we are trying to make things happen. But somethings we must not try to control. They must come to us. Like a competent basketball player. We cannot chase the ball around the court but instead must have the confidence that our teammates will pass it to us and that they will screen and otherwise help us reach our mutual goal. The people we wish to seduce don't want to be passive objects that we 'do something to' but rather active participants. We must let them express themselves freely and we must tell them the path to our heart.

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All the best, Wayne