Tips on how to use 'How to Meet and Connect with Women'


I introduced my ebook, 'How to meet and Connect with Women' three years ago. Since this time it has seemed to help guys improve their 'game' and connect with the women they find attractive. Guys email me pictures of the girls they've gone out with, new girlfriends they got and a few times, even babies they've made. (Please don't name any kids after me. Name them after Disney characters. That's more fun.) * You should think of my ebook as a practical guide. That's why I wrote dialogue in the examples, duh. Ideas or techniques are most useful when understood in context - a fact that is sorely misunderstood in this day and age of over-intellectualized 'pick up' advice.

Your 'I got attacked by a horny bee' anecdote is funny only when condition X and Y are in place. But X and Y are also influenced by factor Z, which in turn is controlled by your use of action Q. It's like trying to rationalize the nature of the Universe. They have teams of scientists and super-colliders trying to figure that out. Trying to perfect interaction with women through understanding rules alone will make you into that 'not very fun guy'. You will act too careful. Instead have to develop and trust your instincts, intuition and experience.

If you're a little rusty or new to approaching and charming women, the examples 'in context' are the closest I can come to giving you my instincts, intuition and experience. That is unless you chat with me on the phone or come to one of my events. If you want to increase your ability to meet, hook up, and maybe even get in a relationship... relationships - yuck! Just kidding, you can be in a relationship if you want. :)

Now, where was I? Oh that's right. If you want any of those good things to come your way you need to get a feel for the context of an interaction, not just theory and technique. That's what being charming is all about: acting witty, sexy, knowing when to smile and knowing when to give the other person room - all in context. I wrote the book with that in mind. So I would like you to read it with that in mind.

* A helpful exercise to work along with the ebook is to start an approach journal along with the chapters of the book. Write down as much detail as you can remember. What did you say and do? What did she say and do? Where were you? This type of information gives you the context to later learn from your notes. And if at some point you want to receive phone coaching from myself or one of the Charisma Arts Instructors, this information is invaluable to understand where you are and what you are doing out in the 'field'.

* Also, try to work on one concept at a time. Take for instance 'Disqualification' or DQ as we call it. Use DQ in all your interactions for a few days, with everyone.

Her: "I can't believe that guy on the street asked me for money again after he asked me not just five minutes before."

You: "Sorry about that. I was just a little out of sorts that day."

Her: LOL

After you feel you have a good grasp on DQ, pick something else and concentrate on that. These skills are best when learned one at a time. Many people make the mistake of trying to take on the whole of everything at once. They soon feel overwhelmed, don't do any one thing properly and give up. I don't want that to happen to you. Take an idea and apply it until you have it down to almost muscle memory. Then once you are under-pressure, maybe approaching an extremely attractive group of girls at the coffee shop, you will not have to 'think' about what you're doing. Your technique will be habit and you can free your mind to be creative, fun and sexy.

Good luck and be in touch. Wayne