We can't wait to teach you how to meet and connect with women in real-life situations at our Charm School Bootcamp. We coach you to be able to do the following:

* Walk up and open a conversation with women. We want you to do this not relying on a memorized monologue but rather create two-way dialogues that are engaging and authentic. This last part is really necessary for women to feel sexually attracted to you.

* Leverage social connections with gate keepers to make meeting attractive women easy.

* To be able to move that conversation from platonic to personal and on to a flirty conversation. Those are the three vibe-states of most interactions.

* To understand the basics of handling the logistics of meeting and connecting. These are things such as learning how to move your interactions from standing to sitting, going on instant dates, handling getting phone numbers, and setting up future meetings.

* Create desire.

* To project confidence by actively demonstrating your self-acceptance. This is done through Disqualification, strong Vacuum and other tools we teach.

The Charm School Bootcamp experience...

This Bootcamp is a two-day event during which you work with one or more of our instructors who demonstrate the techniques and coach you as you do it yourself. This may sound daunting, but don't worry. We're professionals. We will lead, cajole and pull you into interactions with women you find attractive. You might be scared but in the end you'll thank us.

Many of our clients end up experiencing sexually charged interactions with women. You may get phone numbers, instant-dates and making outs. We even had one client who ended up marrying the first woman he talked to on his bootcamp. But these 'achievements' are secondary in our mind to learning the skills and understanding that will make you successful with women in the long term. Our founder and CEO Wayne 'Juggler' Elise many years ago set a goal for himself to feel as if his skills could enable him to go out and meet one woman he was attracted to in one day of walking about the world. We still feel that goal is good.

To help prepare you for your bootcamp, we will provide FREE copies of Wayne's eBook "How to Meet and Connect with Women" and also our fifty minute "Mini-Seminar Audio File".

Wondering what the Mini-Seminar file is like? You can listen to a short preview of the Mini-Seminar Audio File below:

Mini Seminar Preview:

Thanks, and we are looking forward to having you as a client.

So what happens next...

Sign up. If you have any problems with this process or our online shopping cart please send an email to

Download your eBook and Mini-Seminar Audio File which are contained in a ZIP file. There will be download links on your "order completion" page and also in the "Order Notification" email. And if you have any problems with these, no worries, just contact us at and we will be happy to make sure you receive them.

You'll be emailed with a link to fill out a pre-event interview. This helps your instructor get to know you and your goals. Only your instructors have access to this information.

We will email you meeting location details soon after you sign up.

In the time before your bootcamp get out and practice approaching women you find attractive.


Saturday 2 - 6 PM Meet your instructors at a coffee shop or hotel lobby. You will find your instructors are not aloof 'pick up artists'. They are normal guys just like you who happen to be skilled at the process you are learning. They are passionate about their work and care about your success. We typically spend time getting to know you and running exercises and working on a few conversation directions and then we go out and approach and talk to women. Your instructors will demonstrate and then bring you in to join them. A little later and you'll be opening conversations yourself.

Saturday 9 PM - 1:30 AM We take you to a nighttime social venue. Your instructor will demonstrate approaches in a night time venue and coach you to do the same. He will gently critique and adjust your words and actions as you go along with him. This is done very low key and under the radar of others around. We never talk about or draw attention to the fact that we are working with you on these skills. Our goal is to show you how to make meeting women fun and effective. We'll do a recap around 1:30 AM and briefly discuss what happened over the course of the night, exchange feedback and make plans for the next day.

Sunday 2 - 6PM Daytime in-field coaching: We visit bookstores, coffee houses or an art museums. Daytime interactions have a different pace than evening, social-expectant interactions and typically begin in a more Platonic Vibe state. We will work on that just right vibe and some of the logistical challenges of moving the interaction along during the daytime. Towards the end of our time together your coach will sit-down and talk with you over your sticking points, goals and future learning plan. Additionally you may do more daytime approaches if your instructors want to touch up a few skills last minute.

"The difference between reading about this and working on it live is as big as the difference between throwing a bullet and shooting it from a gun. I learned more in two days than I did in 8 months of going out by myself. I'm now bursting with confidence and I know I'll never be the same." -Rich from Detroit, MI

After your bootcamp...

* You become an Alumni. That means you qualify for discounts on future events such as the Conversation Camp and get invited to our Alumni Super Weekend. * You also receive an hour of phone coaching with your instructors. The best way to use this is to break it up into four fifteen minute calls when you need them.

"Its amazing how much I've changed since I signed up four months ago. This has not just been about learning to meet women though - you guys showed millions of high-def colors of life to a guy who'd only seen black and white." - Kevin, Sydney Australia

Other details...

* Attire and appearance: Wear nice clothes. Groom yourself. Trim nose hairs, clean shoes, press your shirt. Too bad these things make a difference but they do.

* A word about approach anxiety. Everyone feels some anxiety about approaching strangers. Best thing is not to fight it but to accept it. The most experienced stage performers will tell you that they still get butterflies. Just recognize those feelings as the same you get doing something you feel excited about.

* Some guys feel as if they run out of things to say to a woman. This is mostly a result of taking too much burden on yourself in your conversations with women. We can fix that right now. Don't freak out. Practice saying, "I like talking to you but I've just run out of things to say so I'll just let you talk for now."

Guarantee: We believe in the value of our education to you. But in the event that you are unsatisfied, we offer a refund in accordance with our refund policy.

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