What: Conference Call with Wayne

When: Sunday, August 24th at 3 PM EST

Wayne is holding a conference call for members of the Charisma Club on Sunday, August 24th .  You should come.  There will be door prizes such as a Panasonic HD TV, a cream-colored Vespa and season tickets to the Detroit Lions.

Ok, I lied.  There is none of that stuff.

But you should still come and listen to Wayne talk about his take on the I-perspective and how you should use it to make people trust you.  Then you can hustle your own HD TV from Rent-a-Center

Wayne will also be answering your questions and fixing your problems with women like a surgeon on Scrubs.  But not the effeminate one with the big hair.  The guy with the red hair that barks orders and calls the effeminate one girls' names.  Yeah, that sounds like Wayne.  :)

Anyway, the call is as free as a library card to members of the Charisma Club.  If you're a member of the Charisma Club, all you have to do to get access is stand on your head.  Ok, lying again.  Seriously, all you have to do is shoot an email to CallWayne@charismaarts.com.  We'll email you back on Sunday with the Conference Number and Access Code that will get you on the call.

If you're not a member of the Charisma Club, you can sign up here to gain access to the Conference Call PLUS all the other Charisma Club-exclusive articles, podcasts and videos from Wayne and the Charisma Arts team.

Talk to you on Sunday!

the Charisma Arts team