We've all been in confrontations that make our blood pump and kick our adrenalin into overdrive. Sometimes we don't know how we find ourselves in these situations. Perhaps it's due to our own carelessness or competitive nature or just bad luck. In any case, you may leave a confrontation feeling embarrassed and shaky and as if you were on the losing end. You may obsess about how you could have acted differently or make the mistake of vowing to avoid confrontation in the future.

Confrontations are inevitable. If you understand how to take charge in these situations you can win and use confrontation to your advantage.

Every type of confrontation has a way of taking control and coming out ahead. These solutions have been created and field tested by Charisma Arts.

We will help you master confrontations first by teaching you our non-violent techniques through demonstration and then in our controlled simulations that will feel close to the real thing. But no worries. Our instructors will coach you towards success.

Do you know what to do in these situations?

- Someone is insulting you at a party.

- A cab driver overcharges you.

- You become involved in a traffic confrontation with another driver.

- Someone confronts you for allegedly flirting with their boyfriend/girlfriend.

- Someone cuts in front of you in line.

- A job interviewer asks you unfair questions.

- Someone challenges you to a fist fight.

- You're the victim of unfair policies.

- You're being pressured into buying something you don't want.

- An aggressive panhandler has targeted you.

- It's time to put an end to bullying behavior from a work colleague.

- A conversational sniper is taking aim at you.

- Your girlfriend or boyfriend is acting demanding.

- A constant complainer is abusing your ear.

We will not only teach you how to win in these situations but place you in practice simulations that will feel like the real thing so you will be prepared when real life confrontations arise.

  • You will learn how to diffuse conflict and take control of a situation.
  • Learn how to win confrontations with non-violence and self-respect.
  • Stay calm and in control under any situation.

We can't wait to have you join us.

The confrontation camp is a two day, Saturday and Sunday event that runs from Noon to 6pm both days.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the camp: - For questions regarding the camp contact info@charismaarts.com