Dating Apps Profile Ideas

by Wayne Elise


Tinder and bumble are hot. They’ve reached critical mass in many places.

So what makes a good profile?

A couple of thoughts here.

1. Sell an idea, not just yourself.

This is basic Charisma Arts methodology but might be new to some people. Selling the right idea to the right person is powerful. It creates desire. That’s why we typically go through the basic sales method of qualifying candidates so we can chose the best idea off our shelf of ideas to meet the desires and needs of the other person.

But in the dating-app world that’s difficult to do initially at the stage when people are just swiping on your profile. We just don’t know anything about the prospective swiper.

However because it requires no additional work to reach ten people as it does a thousand, it makes more sense to target a niche. There’s no downside pain in being un-selected but great potential upside in tailoring to specific desires because it creates more follow-through. Hopefully that makes sense. If you’d like more background on the philosophy behind this feel free to schedule a call with me.

We should strive to answer one or possibly all of the following questions:

What will a date with you be like?
What will a hook up with you be like?
What will a relationship with you be like?

Your audience of potential partners needs clues to these answers. By giving those clues you will alienate some while enticing others. That’s how it works. This is advertising 101 here. If we don’t sell specific benefits, we’re not selling anything at all.

Our photos and text should try to answer those questions.

2. Create a harmonious advertisement.
Your text blurb should compliment your main photo. If your photo looks outdoorsy then your text should reference this. ‘I’m the the sort of person who just can not sleep in when there are all those beautiful hills to hike.”

Ideally the rest of your text also creates a idea that works harmoniously with the main photo or all of the photos to sell a specific idea of what the swiper will get out of meeting up with you.

The pics: I prefer to have the three essential pics:

The off center, smiling pic.
The Full body pic
The hanging with mixed gender group of friends pic.

Of course, feel free to put a hobby, or travel pic in there as well.

Here's the rest of the dating profile for my alter-ego. I've tried to make the text go with the profile photo.