1. Someone who is not to be trifled with. Someone who has the reputation of dealing so accurately with reality that they make people who are psychologically weak, or those who are prone to social deception, nervous. A killer does not indulge in bravado or suffer fools gladly. A killer is often polite but never fake.

A Killer does not fall for ego traps. After a minute of conversation, at a cocktail party, if you were to ask a Killer what they do,  you're likely to hear something such as, "Thanks for asking but I doubt you care about that now. You're just making polite conversation. I appreciate it, but I suggest we talk about something we both care about such as what what's been on your mind lately. "

A Killer is not into positive-feeling self-deception. A Killer would stop mid-stream if telling a story that people is obviously boring people, saying, "You people aren't interested in this. Let's move on."

A Killer is likely to say, "I'm not much into small talk. Do you mind if we make big talk?"

A Killer is never afraid of the truth or sharing mutual knowledge. Killer aren't scared by questions such as, "I can't believe someone as attractive as you is  single. What's your relationship situation?" or in business, "Please, tell me about my competition."

A Killer does not ask leading questions. A Killer waiter would not ask, "Is everything okay?" but rather, "How is everything?" or even, "Tell me about any problems you have. I want to know how to make things better."

A Killer takes full responsibility for his or her life. A Killer doesn't pass the responsibility on to others by using the word 'need' but rather uses 'want'. A Killer doesn't say, "I need to go to this party with my girlfriend," but rather, "I want to go to this party with my girlfriend." The Killer doesn't say, "We need to get this finished to please the boss," but rather, "I want to get this finished."

A Killer is also likely to tell people simply and directly how they feel. "I like you. I want to spend more time with you."


The Charisma Artist knows that social interaction can not blossom into relationships, either short or long term, unless people act real, therefore the Charismatic Artist strives to become a killer.