Our Philosophy:



Attraction is a multifacted beast. Throughout the years we've heard lots of theories that seek to quintify attraction. 

These theories seem to make sense. They sound so logical. But in our opinion, attraction is slippery and right when you think you have it figured out, it slips away and become something else. One by one these theories break down and turn into false paths.

That's one reason we are intention focused. We have to chose the right intention and then chose the tools that might get us there, always knowing that the intention determines the tools and not to be slavishly attached to our tools.

People are attraced to what they are attracted to. Attraction seems to vary from person to person and be subject to cultural shifts as well as having some basis in biology.

But we're always surprised.

The only concrete philospophy we can count on is that there is no coherent one-size fits all method to generate, control or predict attraction. We are attraction method agnostics. We remain skeptical that any grand-unified theory of attraction will ever be found.

We do think that people tend to be attracted to other people who can benefit them somehow. But even that small containment breaks down. We know people who are attracted to people who seem to offer no benefit. Or at least we can see it.

The point is, attraction is unpredictable uncontrolable.

But that's okay. Because...

ATTRACTION IS RARELY THE PROBLEM we think it is. It only seems that way. 

We will explain.



Youy can't understand each other. Understanding is a pleasent buzz but its illusionary.





The matrix of approaching


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Socratic Method