Secret Donuts

Secret Donuts

Charisma Arts is known for what we don't do as much as what we do. Here are some things we don't do.

1. We don't Spam you. We only use your email for what you intended us to use it for. We might send you updates to the events or training you signed up for. We might send out a promotional email once in a while. But we don't promote other people's products or events. 

2. We don't store or run your credit card details through our server. Our processor is Stripe. They're used by many companies. When you sign up for an event or buy something you're taken to Stripe's servers and the transaction is done there. They follow PCI-DSS compliance rules and have a reputation for effective online security. Charisma Arts never deals directly with your credit card information.

3. We delete emails and other messages. Due to the nature of our business, clients and prospective clients frequently send us personal details about their lives. We welcome these emails as it helps us do our job in giving the best advice. However, we delete these emails after reading them. This is bad in some ways, as we often have to use our minds to remember and Wayne is starting to get a bit senile we suspect. :) So don't be surprised if he forgets the steamy details about the Russian you met on your staycation at the Raddison downtown. But this is good for you in that you don't have to worry about us blackmailing you when you run for President some day or that we may get hacked and your data is given to the Chinese. 

4. We don't make secret infield videos. We know you really want to see the methods in action. We know you feel it'd help you understand how to do things better. You're probably correct. However we can't make these videos without either faking them or violating people's privacy. And neither of those are things we want to do. The best way to see the techniques is to come to an event or try them yourself or to meet Wayne and decide from your experience of him, if he's someone you want to learn from.

5. We don't teach deception. Some methods of interaction out there teach you to make up things about yourself to impress people. We think that is counter productive to your long term confidence. We believe in finding the interesting-ness in your truth. We believe in sharing your imagination. We believe in using creative license to add effect. But we believe in being humble. We believe in being real. We believe Charisma is based on fun, but also trust.