I'm excited you'd consider private instruction with me. I love working with people one on one. I think it's often the best way to learn anything. I've seen it make an immediate and impactful change in people's lives. My goal for our time together is to make life-altering changes to your communication habits, social understanding and thought process. Those are not tasks I take lightly. I will do everything in my power to help you succeed.

First rule of private instruction: I want to get to know you - really know you. I want to interact with you. I want to see you interact with other people. I want you to tell me about your inner workings. You can tell me anything. I'm non judgemental. Feel free to make mistakes, act silly or whatever. I only exist to be your advocate and helper, and I'm far from perfect myself.

After getting to know each you, Ill start making corrective changes in your actions, words and thought processes. This will feel a little awkward at first, like learning a new language.

I'll demonstrate the things you'll be learning and help you put them into action. We'll build within you understanding and hopefully instincts that will manifest into the right words and actions for the situations you'll encounter later when you're on your own. Wheh! That's a mouthful. It all just means that we'll change you into a better, more powerful and happier person. :)

Note that I'm a laid-back teacher. At this point in my life and career, I'm not interested in pushing people into cold-approaches. So if you want that you will have to find it elsewhere I'm afraid. I try to show my clients how to take the most calibrated but confident approach for each situation but you should only work with me if you're fine talking to strangers without a pitchfork at your back.

I also don't believe in doing embarrassing things socially. I follow the Workmates Rule. At no point will I ask you to do anything that would be embarrassing if the people you work with saw you doing it. No glowing necklaces, no jumping out at people, no long-winded made-up lies, no caveman-grabbing people. Those things aren't me and, very likely, not you either.

In any case, there are better, sexier ways. We will create interactions that appeal to people's innate sense of curiosity and imagination. We will leverage social power. We want people to pull us into them instead of trying to hold us back.

A day of private instruction is roughly eight hours. It's often a good idea to break this up into two separate half days with time in between to go out and work on things on your own. You should contact me and we will work out specific dates before you click on the links and send us money.

With private instruction comes three hours of phone, SMS and email support. I'm not dogmatic this and often spend way more time talking to you about these things.

I'm looking forward to working with you and helping you reach your goals.

All the best, Wayne Elise

For more info or to schedule a time to talk about private instruction email Wayne at wayne (at) charismaarts.com or our logistics manager Gerard at info@charismaarts.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.

*As of January 2013 private instruction with Wayne is limited to the cities of Los Angeles and New York City.

Private Instruction Packages:

One Day with Wayne
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Note: A three month installment payment plan can be arranged by contacting us at info@charismaarts.com.