Storytelling has become hot. People are now hiring me to work on their stories specifically for competitive storytelling competitions. I’ve coached past winners of The Moth and Toastmasters Speech Contests at the club and division level. I enjoy this work immensely and look forward to working with you.

There's got to be a story here.

There's got to be a story here.

Competing in storytelling competitions makes us better storytellers, and winning is often something you can brag about on your resume. Indeed, having won a major storytelling competitions is something that clearly benefits your career.

So how do we work together on your story?

Here are the steps:

1. Understand the rules of your particular competition; time limits, topics, perspectives and purpose (does it have to inform or can it be pure entertainment for instance).

2. Write a story to fit. There are three types of stories that generally work best in oral storytelling.

    a. The Before and After Story
    b. Man Falls in a Hole Story
    c. The I Wish Story

Try to work up a story to fit one of these. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate or perfect at this stage. But if you can’t get past this step, that’s okay. We can start the coaching here if need be.

3. Sign up with me for coaching and schedule a date and time to have the first session. I generally contact you as soon as I see your order come across but for some reason, if I don’t then feel free to send me an email to wayne (at) charismaarts dot com.

4. We will work over phone, Skype, FaceTime or whichever service works easiest. We will go through the story together. I will have you say it and then I’ll often give you my tweaks and perform it back to you.

5. Typically we will need three sessions to get the story down tight. Between each session you will practice.

6. You go to to your storytelling event and kick-ass.

That’s about it. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’m looking forward to working with you.

All the best,
Wayne Elise

Storytelling Coaching
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