Storyteller with attractive woman.People like to learn through narrative. The earliest writings were stories. The most successful politicians tell stories. People get paid more when they can stand in front of a group of people, take technical ideas and put them into story format. Salman Rushdie dates out of his league. There are so many reasons to improve our storytelling ability. When we can tell stories well, we become more than ourselves. We become unlimited and more attractive.

The storytelling workshop will help you learn a charismatic and effective way to tell a story.

  • You'll learn proper pacing so that your listeners will yearn for more.
  • Connect with your listeners.
  • Make people hang on your words.
  • Create dynamic stories that stimulate your listeners senses.
  • Build emotional attachment to yourself as a character.
  • Use humor to bridge social gaps.
  • Stimulate the imaginative parts of your listeners brains.
  • Inspire, entertain, attract, enrich and create rapport.

The Workshop experience: We begin with examples of storytelling greatness and talk about what makes each story work. You'll learn the fundamentals. We then construct stories together as a group before moving on to individual storytelling. You'll practice telling impromptu stories to the group and receive personal advice on how to make your stories better.

The instructor: Wayne Elise wrote a chapter in the New York Times best-selling book The Game. He has taught storytelling techniques to actors, comedians, business people and lots of social butterflies. His blog posts on Charisma Arts are often stories of love, sex and social adventure. Wayne has also appeared as a host or guest on numerous television programs including Seduction School for Channel Four in the UK, Ready Steady Cook for BBC, Charmed and Dangerous for Canadian Television and Welcome to the Parker for Bravo Television.

Wayne also made his living at various times in his life as a professional comedy-juggler and busker. He has performed as a stilt-walker in China and entertained the hardest audience in the world - school children for his show for elementary school children called Character Rocks. He has written for magazines Esquire and Blender, and been a blog writer for Psychology Today.

Workshop Schedule: Two days, Saturday and Sunday For specific times of any workshop, please view it's signup page. For more information feel free to email or call us at +1 424.241.0753

Preparation: Bring a notebook or your laptop to take notes. Wear comfortable clothing. Warm up your imagination and sense of humor. Although we will not allow you to record the camp generally or other participants with audio or video, feel free to bring a recording device to record yourself during the storytelling exercises.

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