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"The talk was fantastic! A really great evening for all involved, everyone got a lot out of it and I certainly think it was a major success.  James and Wayne really outdid themselves in terms of being generous with their time, as well as being keen, insightful and all-round cool guys.

In terms of making money for the lair, I was happy to only take a cut only for the lair guys who attended but Wayne insisted and was happy to just split the total by 1/3. Yet another very cool and amazing gesture. He even rounded up. :-) The resulting cut was $400 AUD for a total of 28 paying attendees. I am opening a special lair bank account and that money will go towards our ongoing hosting and domain costs as well as room hire for a seminar I want to run in the near future.

I have been paying for this lair with my own blood, sweat, tears and cash (ok, maybe not blood) for a long time now so this gift is most welcome. I've never asked members to contribute because I always wanted this to be "free" for them. Wayne and CA's generosity will really ease things up for me and help us out a lot. Thanks again guys! :)

Thanks again for everything and I'll see you all soon." - Jeremy (Alchemist, Leader of Sydney Lair)

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"That was a good talk, [Wayne] has so much insightful and thought provoking material in his talks. I will have to do some thinking and putting it into practice which will hopefully expand my understanding of it. I look forward to the next talk by James in November and hopefully another Juggler talk when he comes back in February."

"Yeah I enjoyed it. Apart from being entertaining he answered my specific question I was after and gave me a good direction and something to think about to help me move forward, as I often find it hard to get non vauge answers to questions and ideas I ponder and face these days. So it was great, I got exactly what I went there for."

"[Wayne] talked, charmed us all and bought me a cookie at Subway.  He is a really cool guy and genuinely nice and interested in people. For anyone who missed it he will be back in February next year so you can catch him then."

"I'm long time fan of [Wayne] so it was awesome to meet him in person. I heard a lot of new ideas and thought he was hilarious. His Aussie representative James was also extremely inspiring to me personally.  Thanks again to [Wayne] and Alchemist for making it happen."

"I don't think anyone in the room would have walked away not having learnt something. Personally I at the very least got a better perspective on alot of things and a bit more indepth understanding.  I learnt far more then I expected to."

"He was simply very, very insightful into the mechanics of social interaction and picking up women. He states himself that he's very much a mechanic of the trade."

"I thought it was a fantastic session. He stood up at the front for 3 hours and answered any question you had. You couldn't walk away with nothing! If you didn't understand something, you just spoke up and asked your question which he would answer.  I can't believe it only cost $30 (US) for such an awesome talk!  I go insight into group dynamics which has always been a sticking point for me.  There was a bit of group discussion and some people went up the front (I did too and thought I did a very good job :p ) to demonstrate interactions. It was like doing the theory part of a bootcamp and then we went out into the field with our new 'kung fu' skills."

"The thing about Wayne is he doesn't just give you all these ideas of what you must be etc. He gives you very practical and indepth knowledge on HOW to acheive and do these things."

"[Wayne] is awesome! Thats the point of this thread....I'm not gonna keep trying to "convince" you of this because its hijacking the thread and detering from Wayne's awesoming."

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